We trust good business means a better world

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We trust good business means a better world

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Efficient energy use
Emissions reduction

Supply chain monitoring
Sustainable product design

Community engagement
Employees welfare


Our environmental commitment

Fippi promotes sustainable management, optimization and conservation of environmental resources. Thanks to constant investments in research and innovation of products, technologies and materials, the company has been able to progressively reduce industrial waste and energy consumption. Fippi has also optimized packaging and transport solutions to reduce its environmental impact and is able to recycle 100% of its industrial waste.



All our operations are supplied by sustainable electric energy, based on a 100% renewable and traceable supply, certified by the Guarantees of Origin (GO) and METGroup, a leading energy company in Europe.

Meaningful choices

Fippi takes particulare care in selecting raw materials of forest origin, such as cellulose, from sustainable sources. To date, Fippi purchases exclusively cellulose that is either FSC™ (FSC™-C129693 logo user license number) or PEFC (PEFC logo / 18-31-355 user license number) certified, so that the company is officially authorized to use related logos on its products, as it maintains a certified chain of custody.


Fippi is leader in research and development of innovative and sustainable products.

Among the first companies to adopt bioplastics such as PLA, resulting from corn sugar, and I’m Green ™ PE, polyethylene originated from sugar cane, within its product composition, Fippi is at the forefront also for the use of total chlorine-free bleached cellulose, with the aim of an overall reduction of its environmental impact.

Towards a
circular economy

Fippi is aware of the key role played by packaging for the protection and safety of hygiene products and is committed to reduce its negative environmental impact. Our skilled packaging designers focus on developing increasingly sustainable and recyclable solutions, selecting only cardboard from sustainable managed forests and testing innovative components, such as bio-degradable plastic materials.

Our social

At Fippi we work to improve welfare conditions of our communities. By developing high-value hygiene solutions, we believe we can make a real difference and help people to achieve optimal levels of well-being and happiness. For this reason, we support initiatives that have a positive impact on society and we are committed to activities aimed at ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

Find out more about Fippi top management’s commitment to the implementation and maintenance of PEFC ™ chain of custody and to the adherence to the values of FSC™.