Milan, December 2020.
Fippi S.p.A., one of the top hygiene solutions manufacturers in Europe, announces as of today that its production site, offices and warehouses, all located at the outskirts of Milan in Italy, will be powered by 100% renewable electricity starting from January, 1st. Fippi’s transition to renewable electricity has been delivered through a brand-new corporate power purchasing agreement signed in collaboration with MET Energia Italia, the Italian subsidiary of the European energy company MET Group headquartered in Switzerland.
“We are proud of this historic achievement, that means Fippi is quickly advancing towards the goal of becoming a climate neutral company within 2022.” declares Claudio Guarnerio, CEO at Fippi. “We are also sending a strong signal to our local community and industrial network: to source renewable energy in Italy shall become more and more common thanks also to companies like ours that are finally setting the demand for a greener energy market.”
Filippo Guarnerio, Sales Director at Fippi, says:“Climate emergency is still the most urgent issue contemporary society is dealing with. We couldn’t help but work hard to finally secure an updated and renewable electric energy contract to our headquarters and production site. Of course, there is still a lot more work to do for our future.”.“Becoming Fippi’s partner into the 100% renewable energy supply for its Italian facility is both a recognition of MET Group’sstrong focus on sustainability in all its aspects, as portrayed in our Mind the fYOUture initiative, and a reward to the effort of the Italian team to develop an appealing green value proposition to our Italian counter parties,” adds Giuseppe Rebuzzini, CEO of MET Energia Italia.
“MET Group strongly supports the development of 100% renewable power sales (and of 100% CO2free gas sales) as a way to foster investments into renewable generation and decarbonization, and directly invests into renewable generation assets in Europe, as recently demonstrated by the purchase of a 42 MW wind park in Bulgaria from ENEL GreenPower. MET considers the growth in the renewable power generation sector as a key part of its business strategy.”
As further contribution to its sustainable development goals, Fippi continues to invest in energy efficiency programs, with the aim of reducing its total energy consumption and related greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions, as well as in the development of increasingly sustainable product ranges, as testified by the recent launch of a brand-new line of green, plant-based baby diapers and pants for private labels.